Stedi does not support creating an EDI Implementation guide from an uploaded X12 sample file, however it is on our roadmap to do this.

There is a fast way of doing this, though. Some steps I usually take if I am looking to build a Guide from a sample only:

Create a guide with the right version & txn set Go to EDI Inspector tab, drop in the file Look at the first error, and fix it in the guide builder (edit tab) Fix and repeat until the guide parses the file and returns "valid"

For a simple EDI file, this process takes only 15-20 minutes. More complex ones could take up to an hour. Don't forget to add your qualifier codes for the allowed values!

Also, Stedi will build guides for customers - for free - and add them to the catalog. If you want to request a guide to be built for you, feel free to drop us a note: